Corona Virus Concerns

May 7, 2020

One of my concerns as a dentist is "doing no harm" to the patient. This is practicing the Hippocratic Oath. Dentistry now imply's a certain risk factor due to the mindset of the Corona Virus. There's so much misinformation out there. I've been following this very closely from the beginning and have come to some thoughts that I need to share with any potential patient or friend.

Life is full of risks. I like them. They can help keep you "tuned up" and focused. I like them to be manageable and instructive, invited as it were. Like whitewater kayaking. You get to select the level of risk you take, and nature is very instructive.

This Pandemic is nothing like that. We were not allowed to select our level of risk. The statistics are indeed firming up. Super seniors, over 80 who have one or more serious comorbidity factors are absolutely the most likely to pass when challenged with, well, almost anything. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. This particular "bug" is nasty? but at the same time, I'm not seeing it with my own eyes. I'm not seeing or hearing of people in my sphere cratering from this thing. I'm glad. I don't want people to die from this. And I don't want to see my world and my patients' worlds collapse because of a pushed agenda. And we are talking true collapse. As someone who is over 65 and who's career and livelihood depend on violating "social distance", I really do need to know the facts with this thing because according to the authorities, we're screwed. Dentists and hygienists are the front of the plow when it comes to risk and exposure. There are thousands of us....we should make a good case study.

Back to risks. Seeing a dentist now is "risky". According to the MSM and generally accepted memes, the dentist could be an ASYMPTOMATIC CARRIER, and of course so could the patient be an ASYMPTOMATIC carrier who perhaps somehow infects the dental assistant or front-desk person. Who knows because not only has the average Joe not been "tested"; but even if he has been tested....the test doesn't mean squat. False "positives" and false "negatives" have made metrics a joke. Since we have no idea what the actual infection count/rate is and the CDC is pushing the autopsy death count-by-covid numbers, it's extremely hard to get a true and accurate death potential. Is that kinda of what we are looking at: Death potential? Are we forgetting Life Potential?

How can a dentist do "Social Distancing"? I'm starting to hate that now politically correct term. It's not going to work. Not in the long term. HERD IMMUNITY and taking our chances is the ONLY thing that can work. Otherwise we are absolutely hosed. No more kindergarten to college, no more church, no more sports, no more flying (image social distancing in crowded Heathrow, how's that TSA line looking now?), no more gatherings.....WHAT? I don't think so. Oh, wait, how about that double blind tests needed, trust Bill Gates and Huge Pharma; just roll up your sleeve. Supposedly this is an RNA virus. There has never been an effective RNA virus vaccine, ever. But WTF, roll up your sleeve and agree to be tracked.

I've noticed that the MSM and the authorities and experts have rarely mentioned boosting ones immunity naturally with, vit D and C with K and zinc supplements, exercise, eat excellent food, loose weight, get healthy,..... take responsibility. There are so many good tips to dial up ones ability to fight disease.....But the mainstream simply pushes a vaccine......perhaps a vaccine passport.....who is testing the testers. The CDC, Fauci, WHO and so many "experts" have screwed the pooch with this. I have more and more trouble listening to their "guidance".

Critical thinking and good observation is needed from here. Look for real signs of Pandemic, not the reaction to it. How many of your DIRECT friends or associates have cratered from "this"? Think and do what's best for you and yours. There are always risks. But giving away our freedom of choice based on the word of proven incompetents is getting absurd.