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Does your smile reflect the real you?

Pearl Street Dental gives you the opportunity to gain the naturally beautiful smile you may have thought impossible. Whether your smile imperfections are few or many, our team has the training and artistry needed to transform unsightly dental conditions into a smile you’ll want to share every chance you get.

We keep up with the latest and greatest in aesthetic treatments and equipment so that all of your cosmetic needs can be met using the most effective, highest-quality methods and materials. 

Brighten Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure used to lighten the natural color of teeth and remove stains and discoloration. It is a safe, painless, and relatively inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your smile. There are two main types of teeth whitening treatments: at-home whitening kits and professional in-office whitening treatments.

Although at-home whitening kits are prized for their convenience, professional teeth whitening treatments, administered by a dentist, are more effective. In fact, your teeth can be eight shades lighter in just one visit! If you still prefer to whiten you teeth at home, ask us about purchasing an Opalescence Go™ professional teeth whitening kit.

Teeth Whitening

Straighten Your Smile with Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of custom-made trays to move teeth into the desired position. These trays are made of thin, clear plastic and are nearly invisible when worn. They are typically used to address mild to moderate cases of misalignment, overcrowding, and spacing issues.

At Pearl Street Dental, we support ClearCorrect® Orthodontics as an effective and more aesthetically pleasing option for teeth alignment compared to traditional metal braces. They’re not only more comfortable, but the entire treatment time can be completed in six to eighteen months, depending on the severity of misalignment.

Clear Aligners

Restore Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular and effective cosmetic dental treatments available. Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth and can be used to improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers are often used to correct chips, misalignments, discolorations, and other irregularities in the teeth. This cosmetic dental treatment is minimally invasive and the results are long lasting.

If you’re looking for a relatively quick and easy way to instantly correct cosmetic issues with your teeth, schedule an appointment to discuss whether or not porcelain veneers are the best option for you.


FAQs About Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Do you have questions about any of our cosmetic treatments? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear. If your question isn’t on the list, please reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you!

A cosmetic dentist is a type of dentist that specializes in improving the appearance of a person's teeth, gums, and bite. They use a variety of techniques, such as whitening, veneers, and orthodontics, to improve the look and function of a person's smile.

Although dental veneers are incredibly durable and long-lasting, because they are made of ceramic, they cannot be brighted through standard teeth whitening methods. If you have older veneers that are not the same color as your natural teeth, it might be time to have them replaced. 

Every insurance plan is different, but typically, teeth whitening is not a covered treatment.

Opalescence Go™ is one of the most best professional at-home whitening kits. That’s because it’s designed for maximum whitening with minimal sensitivity. You can also expect much faster results, especially when compared to other popular products such as Crest White Strips (which can take several months to acheive the desired whitening).

Both ClearCorrect and Invisalign brand aligners are effective, highly-rated alternatives to wearing braces. They do have some differences, however. One of the most notable is that ClearCorrect aligners are thinner, making them more comfortable to wear and less noticeable to others. 

Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist in Boulder?

Achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of with cosmetic dental treatments from Pearl Street Dental. Whether you have discolored, mishaped, or misaligned teeth, schedule an appointment today and let us know how we can help! 

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