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"Dentistry is my passion, and I want you to feel it through my care"

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Dr. Moynier

Owner, Dentist

Mom knows best

When I was uncertain about my career path, my mom suggested dentistry. It took exactly one day shadowing my family dentist to know that it was the path for me. Three months later, my applications were completed and a life-long passion for dentistry began at Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine. While there, I held numerous student government positions, was the editor of the yearbook in my 4th year, and received the Pierre Fauchard Academy award at graduation in 2005. The following year was spent in a general practice residency at the James J Peters VA Hospital in the Bronx, NY, learning how to manage more complicated restorative needs.

a career built on service

Prior to owning Pearl Street Dental, I practiced in corporate offices that had been abandoned by the surrounding community. Through care, consistency, and skill, I grew those practices through word of mouth to be very successful and reputable. The last 6+ years, I poured my heart into an office in Thornton, CO.

The Pandemic Shift

Like many of us, the pandemic initiated a discussion about the career I had and the one I could have. Ultimately, my decision to become a practice owner came from a desire to expand my skills and the treatments I could offer patients. Dr. Higgins built an amazing, technology-forward practice with wonderful people for me to care for, and I am so happy and honored to be here.

The balance

While dentistry still motivates and excites me, I pursue my off-time with as much gusto. I moved to Boulder the summer of 2013 to get more out of my summers than when I was living in Dallas. Since moving here, I have done my first century ride, completed an Ironman 70.3, run 12 marathons, and qualified for the Boston marathon 6 times. I also have a lovely wife, Saba, and my young daughter, Amaya, at home. Together, we walk our aging dog, Claude, go to the park, and spending most of April-June in our organic garden, weeding, planting flowers and vegetables, cursing how much work it is, and grinning big when a passerby shouts compliments from their car. Filled with wanderlust and a desire to see the history I have read, I have also travelled extensively through the years, visiting 35 countries as a backpacker (well past the age it is normal to do so), enjoying long journeys through India, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and most of the territory controlled by the Ottoman Empire.

The staff here at Pearl Street Dental remains the same. Jenny, Lindsy, Kristen, Laura, and I would all love to have you come in for a chat. Call us today!