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Relax Your Fears At Pearl Street Dental

Don’t let a fear of the dentist prevent you from having the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. At Pearl Street Dental, we go above and beyond to provide you with a fear-free, comfortable experience. Our highly skilled team is empathetic to patients who are nervous about getting dental procedures and that's why we offer oral sedation. By taking just one small pill about an hour before their procedure, patients can receive the dental care they need without experiencing undue stress.

Patient Testimonials

cece stalter
cece stalter
April 11, 2024
friendly, meticulous, professional and attentive care, by everyone at Pearl Street Dental!!
Linda Ballard
Linda Ballard
March 29, 2024
Very complete, resolved issues I've dealt with for years.
Sandra Allison
Sandra Allison
March 16, 2024
Pleasant, courteous and professional. Many thanks always.
Amy Peck
Amy Peck
March 11, 2024
Dr. Moynier is amazing! I would give him 10 stars if that was an option! I was in Boulder on vacation from Texas and had a dental emergency. He immediately called me back willing to help and met me at his office on a Sunday. He was not only kind and sympathetic, he was such a perfectionist and did an amazing job! He charged me such a fair amount to help me and I will forever be grateful to him! I highly recommend him and his sweet staff that followed up with me!
Tra-Ling Tu
Tra-Ling Tu
March 8, 2024
It says a lot when you look forward to visiting your dentist. Thank you, Lindsay, for doing an excellent job as always, and Dr. Moynier for taking care of your patients with such skill and kindness!
Geoffrey W Simpson
Geoffrey W Simpson
March 7, 2024
Lindsay is the best dental tech in Boulder! I see her every 3 months.
March 6, 2024
Wonderful, helpful, and very friendly. It’s so nice, given it’s the dentist!
Mike Eldred
Mike Eldred
March 5, 2024
Best experience! Anyone who is from out of town and needs a dental issue resolved.... Pearl Street is the place to go. Thanks to all!
February 29, 2024
Love this dental practice! Everyone is so kind. Always a great experience.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of medication to aid patients in achieving a relaxed and comfortable state during dental procedures. This form of dentistry is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from dental anxiety or have a low pain threshold. The level of sedation ranges from minimal, where the patient is awake but relaxed, to general anesthesia, where the patient is completely unconscious.

Types of Dental Sedation

Nitrous Oxide

This mild sedative helps you relax during the procedure, yet you remain awake and can interact with the dental team.

Oral Sedation

Patients are given a pill to take before their appointment. This helps them feel relaxed and slightly drowsy but they’ll still be awake during the procedure.

IV Sedation

This form of sedation is administered through a vein and allows the dentist to continually adjust the level of sedation.

General Anesthesia

This is the strongest form of sedation as it renders you completely unconscious during the procedure. This is usually reserved for more complex surgeries or for patients with severe anxiety.

Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can be beneficial for those who: 

  • Suffer from dental anxiety or fear
  • Experience difficulty sitting still in a dentist's chair
  • Have a low pain threshold or sensitive teeth
  • Require a large amount of dental work
  • Have had traumatic dental experiences in the past

FAQs About Sedation Dentistry

Yes, sedation dentistry is safe when administered by experienced professionals like our team at Pearl Street Dental. We monitor all vital signs during treatment and will discuss any health issues during your consultation.

No, unless you’re undergoing a more complex dental procedure that requires general anesthesia. For most patients, a state of deep relaxation is achieved.

Depending on the level of sedation, you may feel a little groggy after the procedure. It’s recommended to have someone accompany you home. Normal activities can usually be resumed the next day.

Coverage varies widely depending on the insurance provider and your individual plan. We recommend checking with your insurance company for clarification.

Call Pearl Street Dental for a Stress-Free Experience

At Pearl Street Dental, we use sedation dentistry to help patients overcome fear and discomfort, offering a peaceful and positive experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your visit comfortable and stress-free.

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