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Pearl Street Dental - laser dentistry in Boulder

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Our approach and instrumentation reflects our dedication to our Mission Statement - Minimally Invasive Dentistry

We provide a new paradigm in dentistry: The utilization of surgical microscopes, advanced hard and soft tissue lasers, and the amazing CEREC CAD/CAM technology that produces all ceramic crowns, inlays and veneers at the same appointment. (same day crowns!) This is a very powerful combination of technology that enables us to produce better dentistry faster.

Dr. Higgins has over 30 years of experience and a friendly and efficient staff committed to making your dental visit remarkable. Pearl Street Dental delivers cutting edge services with compassion, clear communication and a focus on our patients overall well being. We offer comprehensive care using bio-compatible materials.

With our digital microscopes, digital x-rays and laser technology our treatments use fewer needles, numbing and drills. We focus on minimally invasive dentistry enhanced by these new wonderful breakthroughs.

Dr. Higgins and his staff pursue continuing education and embrace the finest proven technologies available to dentistry. This combination of passion, continuing education, state of the art technology and a genuine concern to treat patients with the highest standard of care is what makes Pearl Street Dental so special.

Our current continuing education is focused on nutrition. We want to gently nurture better ideas and strategies with regard to the food we eat. Pearl Street Dental is PROUD to be sponsoring two wonderful in-house nutritionists (Nutrition in Boulder).

We are constantly upgrading our laser protocols; which include laser periodontal treatments, root canal advances with the laser, and finally, very efficient CAD/CAM technology for SAME DAY ceramics. (crowns, on-lays, inlays, and veneers).

CANCER SCREENING has come a long way also. Oral cancer is a travesty. Pearl Street Dental has the VELOSCOPE which painlessly scans for oral cancer using noninvasive light fluorescence.

dental office for cosmetic dental treatmentThe benefits for our patients include:

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