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We love meeting new patients

Pearl Street Dental has a wonderful network of patients from all walks of life. It’s by far, one of the best parts of the practice. Our patient interactions and consultations always start with a thorough dental examination and a current health history review.

After meeting and greeting our patients, we listen carefully to their particular issue(s) as well as review their health and dental concerns in general. We pride ourselves in doing a tooth by tooth inspection via microscopes, often taking digital pictures as indicated and then sharing this information with our patients.

We are able to diagnose different problems or issues side by side with our patients and predictably arrive at effective solutions and choices. Digital X-rays are an important aid to diagnosis, and combined with our microscope examines have allowed for fewer overall x-rays.

We are able to prioritize dental treatment in a direct, easy to understand manner. Costs and optional treatments are considered and then future appointments can be made. Rarely do we begin dental treatment on the initial appointment and meeting. True dental emergencies are the exception.

It is during our initial exam that we introduce some of our cutting edge philosophies and protocols from dentistry that may differ from what you’ve been use to experiencing. For example, Pearl Street Dental has a very hard time with conventional fluoridation, mercury fillings, and ADA seal of approval on chewing gum sweetened with Aspartame.
The list goes on, and we are doing our best NOT to be bound by convention.

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