Preventative Dentistry

Dentistry is more comfortable, affordable and enjoyable when the right steps to safeguarding your oral health have been taken.

At Pearl Street Dental we take a proactive, preventive approach to dentistry. It keeps the experience cheaper and much less impact. We stress MID, minimally invasive dentistry.

A healthy body starts with healthy teeth. The health of your teeth has a huge impact on your overall health and general well-being. Bacteria from periodontal disease can lead to serious health conditions like heart disease, stroke, low birth-weight babies, and tooth loss. Undetected cavities may cause infection, abscesses, and bone deterioration.

With the use of modern technology to evaluate and treat your oral health, we can make sure your smile stays healthy. Comprehensive hygiene appointments, gum health education and proactive forms of dentistry allow our team to keep your smile and body in the best shape possible.

Maintaining a bright smile and improving your chance for a lifetime of good oral health is easy when you’re in the right care. We pride ourselves in doing a tooth by tooth inspection via microscopes, often taking digital pictures as indicated and then sharing this information with our patients.

Dental Hygiene and Education

We aim to do more than just clean your teeth.

Education and helping patients understand their periodontal connection to their overall health and well being is an integral part of our services. We incorporate diode lasers in our cleaning protocols to lower bacterial inflammation and promote healing as never before.

Our experienced hygiene team gently evaluates our patients’ periodontal needs while performing a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums, as well as polishing. We will evaluate the periodontal tissues for the presence or absence of periodontal disease and recommend treatment as needed.

Laser assisted periodontal therapy reduces the incidence of much more invasive perio-surgery. Pearl Street Dental is a leader in Boulder for Laser assisted periodontal therapy. If our patients understand the links between periodontal disease, cardiovascular disease, and nutrition that encourages repair and recovery, EVERYTHING gets easier, overall health is better and costs are reduced.

We use ozone water lavage to hasten healing time.

Digital Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT) and Wave Optimized Periodontal Therapy (WOPT)

Digital Laser assisted periodontal therapy is a wonderful new adjunct to conventional periodontal disease treatment.

Using light energy at specific wavelengths and power settings, periodontal pockets with diseased tissue and bleeding can be identified, treated and painlessly decontaminated, which allows more effective healing to begin. For more serious periodontal disease with bone loss, bone grafting can also be accomplished during these treatments, regenerating health and function as never before.

This is all accomplished through a phenomenal process called laser bio-regeneration. We are now able to decontaminate and guide tissue back into a healthy state using laser technologies instead of a scalpel. The benefits to the patient are less post operative pain, predictable bio-regeneration and quicker healing. This is minimally invasive dentistry.

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