Root Canal

One of our goals at Pearl Street Dental is to avoid eliciting or causing root canals.

With regular check-ups and good oral hygiene at home, root canals from tooth decay are a rarity. However, teeth may need root canals for other reasons, such as a history of blunt trauma, internal resorption (where the tooth starts to destroy itself from the inside), abfractions (a V-shaped groove at the gum line caused by clenching and grinding), and restorations that are close to the nerve. In these cases, the long-term outlook for the tooth is always considered before performing the procedure.

As with all procedures here at Pearl Street Dental, a root canal involves no pain, but unlike other offices, we use our Fotona laser to create pulsed vibrations in the root to thoroughly flush the space and allow ozone gas access to kill any remaining bacteria before being closed and sealed. This process also reduces the use of harsh chemicals and post-procedure soreness.

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