Restorative Dentistry

Our restorative dentistry treatments are made to restore teeth to their near-original condition, or even improve it.

Whether you have had a traumatic experience, cavities, missing teeth, root canals or other damage, we can use our restorative dentistry treatments to improve the function and appearance of your teeth so you can smile confidently again.

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Aesthetic Bio-Compatible Fillings

Pearl Street Dental is a mercury-free practice.

We use bio-compatible restorative materials that have a minimum effect on the body and that mimics the true beauty of natural teeth. We use the most advanced techniques for aesthetic adhesive dentistry. We feel it is important to decontaminate the tooth surfaces, and lasers do this better than a drill.

The clean laser textured surface is ideal to bond the filling to the tooth. These natural tooth-colored restorations can add strength and years of predictable service and truly restore a person’s oral form and function. We have been mercury-free for over fifteen years.

When it is necessary to remove old mercury fillings, they are removed under a rubber dam-water and high speed suction. We feel a rubber dam is essential for the safety of our patients and the predictability of our work.


When teeth are cracked or have large, failing or old fillings, often the clear-cut choice is to place a crown.

Pearl Street Dental offers same-day crowns. We fully complete the procedure on-site in one appointment.

A crown replaces the defective tooth structure and reinforces the remaining tooth.  It is a definitive restoration and should last decades with proper care.

The new CEREC technology allows us to prepare the tooth for a crown in a more conservative way and bond the crown (non-metallic) to remaining tooth structure the same day.

Same day crown and ceramic restorations are better for the tooth as there is no lab processing period. Temporary restorations tend to leak, break, or pop off on Christmas eve… the list goes on. Bonding the crown the same day is better!

Root Canal Therapy

One of our goals at Pearl Street Dental is to avoid eliciting or causing root canals.

We try to do this by using minimally invasive microscopes and our hard-tissue lasers which provide a softer touch to the teeth.

Lasers provide a cleaner decontaminated surface that a drill can’t accomplish on the same level. Root canals are the result of what we refer to as cumulative trauma, which leads to infection inside the tooth itself, that will then likely move to the bone around the tooth/root given some time. Cumulative trauma is usually caused by bacteria, mechanical trauma or excessive wear. Root canal therapy should be considered when saving the tooth is of paramount importance and when the outcome is reasonably predictable.

An example of this would be when the tooth is part of a bridge, or in the center of a lovely smile; or when an old or recently placed crown has become relentlessly uncomfortable. The patient and the doctor will determine the course of treatment together after exploring all the options. There are several clinically successful ways of completing a root canal, and we combine all of them.

When a root canal is our best choice, we believe the key is using the best science available and doing a root canal correctly the first time. We augment all root canal therapy with our Lares laser. Using a special PIPS(photon induced photo acoustic streaming) technique, we clean the canals using a photo-acoustic shock wave, all while being guided by our exquisite surgical microscopes. This photo acoustic shock wave helps clean an infected canal. Pain control is imperative. We have excellent techniques for getting the “hot” tooth quiet while the patient can comfortably lay back and listen to music.

Partial Dentures

These are useful alternatives to fixed prosthetics and implants.

These proven solutions to missing teeth offer flexibility and long term satisfaction. We use bio-compatible materials and each case is carefully planned using study models and co-diagnosing with our patients.

The prognosis and careful maintenance of the remaining supporting teeth is absolutely necessary. Often, more frequent dental hygiene and maintenance appointments are required.


Implants offer a single-tooth solution to single-tooth problems, often replacing the need for bridges.

Our excellent oral surgeons place the implants. Then, it usually takes several months to fuse to the bone. After the implant has fused to the bone, it is built up or restored by the general dentist using very precise modeling techniques.

Implants are becoming more popular due to their predictability and extremely high bio-compatibility.

Single Tooth Anesthesia

We use painless precision techniques.

The STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) combines technology, compassion and anesthetic into a delivery system that is unparallelled for its gentleness and accuracy.

Nobody likes traditional injections, needles and getting numb. But when it is necessary and it often is (such as removal of old alloys or crowns), when appropriate we can now use a process to numb one tooth at a time.

This provides a more comfortable service which is the hallmark of minimally invasive dentistry.We no longer routinely have to numb one entire side of the jaw. This leads to a much shorter recovery time (numbness) for the patient because we use much less anesthetic.

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